Frequently Ask Questions - Student



  1. What is EsportMasterClass?

EsportMasterClass provides an online Marketplace for esport student to find a coach to learn specific skill sets. EsportMasterClass connects high rank players and novice players.

  1. Who can take lesson at EsportMasterClass?

If you who wants to improve your skills at your favorite games. You can be a complete beginner who want to understand a bit more the game strategy or an advance player who wants to refine his skill. 

Although if you are a beginner you need to have the game already installed on your computer and you should have played few games to be familiar with the basics of the game.

  1. How do I register on EsportMasterClass?

You can register on EsportMasterClass through the Login button on the top of the Home page.

  1. How do I contact EsportMasterClass?

You can contact EsportMasterClass through the Contact us page in the footer section.


  1. Why take personalized lessons?

A personalized lesson is the best way to progress, to unlock, to know your game better to make the most out of it. As the course is personalized, the coach adapts to your level and ensure a flow which will help you achieve a specific objective.

  1. Why takes a MasterClass on

Quality of the training: is vetting the coaches to ensure you high quality service. Any coach receiving several negative feedbacks will be removed from our pool of expert and will be replaced by a new one.

Security of your funds: When you pay for your class the money is hold by and won’t be release to the coach until the class is done and that you have click on “release funds”

  1. What do I need to take lessons or MasterClass?

You just need a mic and VOIP Software like Skype, Whatsapp, viber, mumble or TeamSpeak. We recommend Skype, easier to use.

The lesson will happen on Skype not on EsportMasterClass. You will have to exchange your skype ID with you coach to start the lesson. Do not hesitate to create a Skype account specific for your lessons if you do not wish to use your personal account for this.

  1. How my coach will be notified of my lesson or MasterClass?

Once you buy a lesson or a MasterClass a message and an email will be automatically sent to the coach.

The coach will then open the discussion with you within 24/48h depending on when is you schedule. The coach will message you through the Message section in your dashboard.

Please visit this section of your account frequently to ensure you don’t miss your coach messages.


  1. How do I search for a coach?

You can start searching a coach on the Homepage or through Our coaches page.

On “Our coaches” page you can use filter to choose the coach you want: Ranking, game, price…

  1. How do I know the coach’s games?

You can see the game’s of each coach by looking at the logo displayed in the box. If you click on the coach box, you will see the details of the coach profile.

  1. What information can I see on the profile coach?

When you go to the Coach profile page you will see more information about the coach in, his achievements, his hours coached, last Class given his general availability and his game’s coached.


  1. How are coaches selected?

The coaches are selected by based on their game level and the quality of their MasterClass proposition. Once they start teaching, we will look at the student feedbacks to determine the quality of their teaching. 

We select the best coaches for you. Only few slots are available to be a coach on to ensure quality over quantity

  1. How are coaches remunerated?

When you bought a lesson or MasterClass, 75% of the amount is given to the coach (gross). The remaining amount is invested into improving and maintaining the quality of


  1. How can I talk with my coach before the lessons or MasterClass?

Once you have booked a lesson, you will be able to talk to your coach through the “Message” section of your Account..

  1. How can I talk to an Admin?

You can send us an email through to Contact us page.


  1. Where do I book a lesson?

You can book a lesson through the coach profile after clicking on a MasterClass or a Coach box.

  1. Where do I book a MasterClass?

You can book a MasterClass through the coach profile after clicking on a MasterClass or a Coach box.

  1. How will the coach be notified of my lesson once I've made the booking?

The coach will be notified automatically by email and on his dashboard once he got a booking from a student.


  1. My coach is absent.

Your coach seems to not appears for your lesson without warning you. First try to chat with him through your Message section in your account to ensure your messages are properly recorded in EsportMasterClass. Then if you do not get any answer after 24h you can email us using “Contact us” page and we will help you process your refund.

Don’t forget that your payment is not given to the coach until the class is finished.

  1. I have an imperative and I can not assist to my lesson or MasterClass.

Once time you booked a lesson or MasterClass you must be attend to your class.

If you cannot attend to your class you need to advise your coach at least 24h before the class, to see if a new schedule can be fixed.

We advise you to use the Message section of your account for these discussions to ensure EsportMasterClass have record of your exchanges in case a conflict arise with your coach.

  1. Which case I can be refund or not?

You can claim a refund if your coach cancels the class without warning you at least 24h before the class. If this situation happens you will need to send us an email on “contact us”. 

We will help you find a compromise with your coach or process a refund if you wish to be refunded. Note that some platform fee may apply, but EsportMasterClass will not take any commission on your payment/refund.


  1. How does EsportMasterClass payment work?

Once you buy a lesson or MasterClass our system will hold the money, when the class is done, you will be asked to write a review and release the payment to the coach. 

If you are not happy with your class and wish to dispute the release of the payment you have the option to do so once your coach ask for Payment release.

  1. Can I pay through installments?

For Now, do not propose installments.

  1. Can I pay on the currency of my choice?

The currency is PHP but if your credit card or Paypal account is using another currency (USD, EUR or other) you can still pay on EsportMasterClass. A conversion will be automatically applied by Paypal.


  1. How do Pack All In work? proposes 3 Level of MasterClass, level 1 to 3

Level 1 is for the novice, Level 2 for intermediary skill, and Level 3 is for advanced lessons. The “Pack All In” regroup all MasterClass of one level. proposes 1 “Pack All In” for each Level. You can choose the discount to apply for each MasterClass Pack All In for each Level.