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Rainbow six Siege : Operation Void Edge !

Things are starting to change, and Operation Void Edge is sure to throw you for a loop. Two Operators, as different from each other as can be, join Harry’s roster and bring with them talents that stand at polar opposites. Iana is the brain and the technology, while Oryx knows the raw power that the human body can carry.

Many novelties are coming with this unique season, with a rework to the Oregon map and a very special Elite set. Take a look at the many gameplay changes as you scroll through these patch notes, and don’t miss out on the Year 5 Pass!

“Iana’s burdens are many, but rather than weighing her down, they lift her up…”





Born under an auspicious star, Specialist Nienke “Iana” Meijer has always known she would set foot on another world. A consummate dreamer and practised pragmatist, her greatest challenge has been convincing the world that her flights of fancy are not only possible, but practical…

“Oryx’s outstanding qualities are many, but foremost is his unshakable and absolute self-control…”

While his past remains a mystery, Saif “Oryx” Al Hadid’s present is one of extraordinary finesse. While unassuming in everyday life, he is capable of physical feats long considered impossible. Calm, collected, yet impenetrable, he embodies the axiom that still waters do, indeed, run deep…

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